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Millipedes unearthed from the grounds of the famed Alcatraz prison have experts baffled by their unique super-bug ability that’s only revealed with the help of a black light. Fortunately, as park officials explain, there’s already some reason known for their abrupt appearance. In early 2012 with the island suffering from a rat infestation employees with the National Park Service placed a non-toxic dye in food left around for the rodents to eat. It was their hope that after consuming and digesting the food, the rodents’ droppings would be seen under a black light confirming their undesired presence on the island. These millipedes were identified as being Xystocheir dissecta, a species found around the Bay Area even though curiously appearing slightly different. The insect have a chemical in their exoskeleton that absorbs the florescent light held above before re-emitting it as a startling blueish green color.

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